Magazine is a great way to express individual view on any topic.thus,we can say that magazine is a collection of articles on different topics.Many types of magazine are available in the market as sports magazines,fashion magazines,news magazines,film magazines,business magazines etc.There are thousands of magazines on the market but few of them is very popular between readers.Popularity of any magazine depends on its circulation.Circulation means number of copies of magazine which is distributes in market.Here we are providing list of top 10 most popular magazines of the world.

10. People


‘People’ is the most popular American magazine in celebrity category.It has been published by Time Inc since March 4,1974.People generally provides news and articles which belong to Hollywood.It is also known for publishing “Sexiest Man Alive”, “Best & Worst Dressed”, and “World’s Most Beautiful People” issues every year.It has 3.5 million global circulation.

Website of People

9. Family Circle


It is a women oriented American magazine launched in 1932.It has many owner,in which well known name are The New York Times Company and Meredith provides articles and news related to women and home economics.Family circle magazine is a group of magazines which called “seven sisters”.Its global circulation is 3.8 million.

Website of Family Circle

8. Good Housekeeping


It is also an American women’s magazine.its first edition was published in 2 May 1885.Related to women interest as health,recipes administration of home etc ,articles are published in it.Currently it is being published by Hearst Magazines.presently Rosemary Ellis is the chief editor of good housekeeping.its global circulation is around 4.4 million.

Website of Good Housekeeping

7. National Geographic


National Geographic magazine has been published by National Geographic Society since publishes articles related to history,nature,geography,culture,photography has won 3 National Magazine Awards on 1 may, is also received American Society of Magazine Editor’s General Excellence Award. Chris Johns is the chief editor of it in present.It has more than 5 million readers in all over world.

Website of National Geographic

6. Reader’s Digest


Reader’s Digest is a very popular American magazine which based on general family interest.Owner of this magazine is The Reader’s Digest Association which first copy is published in 1922.Liz Vaccariello is the chief editor of this magazine.Reader’s Digest is published in 21 languages and reached more than 70 countries of the world.It’s global Circulation is approximately 5.5 million according to wikipedia infomation.

5. Better Homes and Gardens


Better Homes and Gardensis is a popular magazine of USA which is publishes mainly women oriented articles.It has been published by Meredith Corporation since 1922.Gayle Butler is the editor in chief of this magazine in present time. Edwin Meredith was the founder of Better Homes and Gardens.its total global circulation is 7.6 million.

Website of Better Homes and Gardensis

4. Game Informer


It is a video game magazine.Game Informer has been published by GameStop Corporation since 1991.Andy McNamara is the editor in chief of this publishes articles and news which is related to video games as game news,reviews of video games is 3rd largest magazine of Usa which global circulation is approximately 8.1 million.

3. AARP The Magazine


AARP The Magazine is a very popular magazine of USA with the largest American circulation.Its first First issue was published with the name “Modern Maturityin” in 1958.In 2002 its name was changed as AARP The Magazine.It publishes articles and news on current affairs.Its global circulation is nearly 22.6 million.

Website of AARP The Magazine

2. Awake


Awake is a monthly relious magazine of America,based on Christianity.Its first issue was published in 1919.Currently it is published by Jehovah’s Witnesses.It contains news and articles about bible,geography,family interest etc.With 43.5 million copies,it is second largest magazine of the world.

Website of Awake

1. The Watchtower


The Watchtower is most popular magazine of the world because 45 million copies of this magazine are distributed in all over the is published by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York in 209 languages.Its first copy was published in 1879.

Website of The Watchtower