Indian women simply fall head over heels when the concern comes to wearing jewellery. The religious ceremonies and festivals are the occasions when the women wear their jewellery. All types of jewellery are worn in India. People wear platinum, diamond, gold and silver jewellery according to their financial status. Diamond jewellery is very famous in India. It is especially popular among the well to do families of the society or rather the elites. This precious stone is famous for its shine and beauty. However the stone is very precious. There are a number of jewellery brands in India which sell high quality diamond pieces. The top 10 jewellery brands selling diamond in India is listed below:

10. Adora


The theme of this brand, Adora, is to celebrate love and life of the people wearing it. The collection of Adora has something for the middle class as well as the rich.

9. Sangini


Sangini was established to help the men get the perfect gift for their wives. Established in 2004, this particular brand of jewellery helps in strengthening the bond between a husband and a wife. The wide range of collection reflects the emotional attachment of a couple.

8. Orra


Orra is a jewellery brand that has been in the market for quite some time now. The diamond collection of this brand is very intricate and magnificent. The personality of the women wearing this jewellery gets an added impetus.

7. Kiah


The Sheetal group of jewellers are the owners of this brand. This brand deals mainly in diamond jewellery. The collection is very unique and huge. The customers have a lot to choose from. The designs of the jewellery have been done taking into account the choices of the young generation.

6. Gili


Gili was the first jewellery brand in India. This brand, established in the year 1994, has come a long way since its inception. Gili was the brand which made women realizes that they could wear jewellery more frequently, not just occasionally. The diamond jewellery available from this brand is of very good quality.The team of employees and the management have established a very good environment which has helped the company sustain its position in the market.

5. Nirvana


Nirvana brand of diamond jewellery is famous for the beautiful and delicate crafting on them. The Fine Jewellery Ltd. Launched this particular brand. The philosophy of this particular brand is to provide the women with their own fashion statement rather than being a mere piece of valuable material. The designs of this brand are contemporary and innovative as well.

4. Asmi


Asmi is another very famous jewellery brand which is famous for its very good collection of diamond jewellery. The jewellery of this brand is of contemporary designs. It adds to the beauty of the Indian women. The strong values of the brand that are strictly adhered to, by all the stores, is the thing that gives the edge to Asmi over its competitors. The jewellery complements the feminine look of the women wearing it.

3. D’Damas


The Gitanjali group of jewellers are the proud owners of the D’damas brand of jewellery. The wide range of products offered by this brand has jewellery made of different kinds of materials. The designs are very sleek and stylish in nature. The diamond jewellery available from the stores of this brand is of various types like necklaces, pendants, earrings and much more.

2. Nakshatra


Nakshatra is another very reliable brand of jewellery in India. This brand specializes in diamonds. The wide array of products that are displayed in the stores leave the customers spoilt for choice. This is the first branded retailer of diamond jewellery. The growth of this brand has been phenomenal as well. The price tags of the products are reasonable and hence the middle class people can also afford to buy diamond jewellery from this brand.

1. Tanishq


Tanishq is the best diamond selling brand in India. Today this particular brand is the largest retailer of jewellery in the country. The diverse collections and the purity of the products have made this brand grow into such a huge company. Tanishq has its own share of customers who are loyal to this brand because of the kind of product they get here.